Dabit Is Coming To India + Twitter Event


If you have been following the post of Pink Box Events , then you probably know that a KPOP Idol was scheduled to come to India and after uploading 3 teasers and a unique ‘Find The Artist’ hint, they have officially announced that singer songwriter Dabit is coming to India!!!

When? Where? Tickets? Price? We have no clue but we are definitely excited! It’s the first time an independent event company is bringing a KPOP artist and this means, KPOP is ready to venture in India for Concerts! According to Pink Box Events, the future of future KPOP Fanmeets and Concerts would depend upon this one as the investors and KPOP Companies are seeing whether Indian fans are ready to buy tickets at the price with the rest of the world. This thus makes Dabit’s Fanmeet a very important event! They also thanked Koffee Dream Management for agreeing to this fan meet. 

On their official Facebook page, Pink Box Events posted, “Find The Artist: We wanted to do something fun and so continuing with the teasers, today is ‘Find The Artist’. The artist who is coming to India has posted about India on his SNS account!!! Find him and leave welcoming messages for him on that post! Go spread the word 😍 SPAM THE POST AND LET HIM KNOW THAT INDIA IS READY !”

After this hint, the fans were quick to point out that their doubts were confirmed and that the artist is Dabit after seeing his post on Instagram! Yes, the same Dabit whom we had interviewed on our Korea Joa Trip!  kpopindia


Ever since, his post, Indian Dalbits (his fandom name) have been leaving comments and welcoming him to India.  Pink Box Events later confirmed the artist by posting the following picture.

kpopindia Dabit’s label house, ‘Koffee Dream’ has also confirmed the event by posting on their twitter account.



Isn’t this exciting? But that’s just not all! Keeping in line with the teasers, Pink Box Events have announced that there will be a Question and Answer event with Dabit on twitter!! Dabit will be answering the questions of Indian Dalbits from 8 PM IST today (24th Jan, 2016) but fans tweeting should use the hashtag #DabitInIndia so that Dabit does not miss the questions! 

kpopindiaClick on Dabit to follow him on twitter and ask him questions!

We are so excited to see Dabit again!! Read our Artist You ought To Know to know more about Dabit and our interview with him at Rendezvous With Dabit

Pink Box Events requests all KPOP fans to support the Fanmeet. This is a Pre-Sale event and thus requires all the fans to come together and support so that this event do not get cancel and they can thus bring many more talented artists in future. Read here to know more! 


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