Dabit Reveals Dates for Fanmeet In India + Ticket Sales Dates Revealed


By now, every Indian KPOP fan knows about a K-POP Fanmeet in Korean style happening in India for the first time and if you didn’t know about it, read it in our earlier article and follow the organizers Pink Box Events for more details! Because for the first time ever, it’s going to be a paid event like how it usually happens around the world which means India is FINALLY on the map for KPOP and fans are definitely excited seeing how the promotions are being made.

According to Pink Box Events, the tickets will be names as Scouted, Trainee and Rookie and they intend to use this format for their future events as well! Now, how cool it that? Each ticket includes a CD and you have access to Autograph event, Hi-Touch and Fanmeet!! You can check in detail what each ticket offers and the price by clicking here.  Besides the other perks and 5% discount (Scouted and Trainees) and 10% discount for Rookies on next ticket purchase which can be claimed within 2 years plus early bird entry for next event , the ‘Rookie’ tickets also gives 2 lucky fans the chance to Win A Date with Dabit himself! Yes, that’s possible! And if all this was not enough, former EvoL member, Hayana has been confirmed as the Special Guest for the Delhi Event which is happening on 16th and 17th April!!! We definitely have enough reasons to attend the event at Korean Cultural Centre India, New Delhi!

Check out the adorable video as Dabit speaks about his fan meet in India!


 Pink Box Events have also released the dates for ticket sales after pushing the dates initially on request by fans and the process to buy tickets can be checked by clicking here. They have once again reminded fans that the event is Pre-Sale and hence to confirm the event at least 70% of the tickets have to be sold. They also encouraged and informed the fans by stating that, “We, at Pink Box and Dabit’s company are eager to make this event possible and bring the whole KPOP experience even more closer to all the fans! Hence we hope that we will get your love and support so that Pink Box can bring many more exciting events next time and hopefully all your bias as well!! If this event goes well, we definitely have major plans but we can’t say the same if it does not work out, so Indian KPOP fans, lets show KPOP and the major entertainment companies, that Indian KPOP fans are ready for fanmeets, concerts and any other events like other international fans!” Read their full post on this by clicking here.
The tickets go on sale on February 11 at 3 PM IST via their Facebook.
Considering how we have all been waiting for KPOP Events to happen in India and how we have always wanted Indian KPOP fans to be recognized, this is definitely a great opportunity! So, let’s make it happen and let the KPOP World know that India is definitely ready for KPOP Concerts, fan meets of all artists and groups!


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