Dabit Woos Indian Fans with his Amazing Performances

Indian Dalbits Go Crazy for Dabit!


April 17th was a day that Indian Dalbit’s will never forget!

After a long wait, DABIT finally arrived for his first fan-meeting in India. Dabit In India organized by Pink Box Events in collaboration with Koffee Dream Management was held at the Korean Cultural Centre India as venue partner and Destination K-pop as the media partner.

Dabit was accompanied by label mate and former EvoL member, Hayana who were received warmly by the Indian Dalbit’s. With a quick introduction by both Pink Box Entertainment and Koffee Dream Management, the event started off with much enthusiasm and zest.

The entire programme was held to give a true feeling of a proper fanmeet to the Indian fans. Dabit was given an introduction to Indian culture by a special Kathak performance by Indian fans and he was pleasantly surprised as they fused the dance with his song “Up and Down”.

With exciting games and one-on-one interactive sessions between Dabit and his fans, the event was filled with an amazing enthusiastic vibe showing Dabit how much all the Indian fans were waiting for an opportunity to finally meet their beloved Korean stars.

The event started off with a beautiful rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” by Hayana. Showing off her smooth vocals, Hayana also wowed the crowd with her R&B version of “Hotline Bling” by Drake. After a few Q&A’s with Hayana as she gushed about her feelings of going solo and her dreams as an aspiring solo artist, the stage was handed over to the artist for whom everyone was waiting for.

And NO! he did not disappoint us at all. From his quirky remarks to his amazement at the passion of the Indian fans, Dabit took over the stage and belted out his songs. He started off with “Zone Out” and then went on to explain about how much he hates rainy days and then performed the product of those emotions with “The Rain Song”. Dabit ended his first stage with the song “Lonely Love” and the crowd was left wanting more of Dabit’s soothing vocals.

After a quick Q&A with Dabit where he expressed his immense love for food (his every answer to any question was almost related to food!), Dabit & Hayana played some games with lucky fans and Dabit showed off his amazing “Up and Down” dance. 6 lucky girls were also picked as Dabit serenaded them lovingly with his vocals while 8 lucky girls tried their luck to be closer with the idol plus a lot of skinship. ( Who is complaining? )

To keep the event in flow, Dabit and Hayana performed a jam session with many hit songs which ended with Dabit’s unexpected girl group dance skills as he jammed to “Ma Boy” by SISTAR19 along with Hayana.

After the dance, Dabit cooled down the fans as he talked about how excited he was to meet his Indian fans and because of his excitement he had prepared a surprise gift for all of his Indian Dalbits. Nervously, explaining about the hard work he had put into it, Dabit surprised everyone in the room as he performed an amazing cover of “Janam Janam” from the movie Dilwale. Flooring everyone with his hindi pronunciation, Dabit truly succeeded in winning hearts of everyone with his sweet and amazing effort.

With the event nearing to an end, Dabit and Hayana performed “Up and Down” for the first time together as the crowd joined them on to sing the song. Dabit also performed his debut song “Whoo Whoo Whoo” which were followed by some more games. Finally, Dabit ended the fanmeet with a cover of “Im Yours” by one of his favourite singers, Jason Mraz.

The fanmeet was followed by a simple autograph/hi-touch event where fans got to interact with Dabit and Hayana. With friendly smiles and a comfortable atmosphere, the Indian fans got to experience an event unlike any before and left the event with a hope for many more such events in the future.

The event ended soon after the autograph session was done and every fan left the room in high spirits as they had finally experienced what a true K-pop fanmeet is all about!

Were you  part it? Check out the pictures below :

Did you enjoy the fanmeet?

PC: Pink Box Events



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