Dal Shabet’s Subin to Sue Netizens Spreading False Rumours About Her!

Subin to take legal actions against those spreading false rumours about her!


We are all aware that our K-Town celebrities get stuck in one or the other rumour from time to time and sometimes, the rumours get out of hand and our idols end up getting affected way more than we can ever imagine!

Apparently, there has been false rumours going around in various social networking sites about girl group Dal Shabet’s member Subin and her agency Happyface Entertainment has stepped up to protect their artist and take legal actions against those who started and are involved in spreading the rumour.

On March 20th, Happyface Entertainment released a statement saying that recently, Subin is being involved in a baseless and false rumour and it has mentally affected not only the singer but her family members as well. They also added that the rumours are hard to bear, not as a celebrity but as a young woman who is persuing her career. Happyface concluded by stating that the company is planning to collect strong evidence against those who started and also helped in spreading such baseless rumours and they will certainly take legal actions against them.

What are your thoughts on this case? Are you happy that Happyface has stepped up to take legal actions against those people spreading false rumours about Subin? Leave us your thoughts!


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