DARA + New photos = New Dara?

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August issue of L’officiel Singapore magazine, has none other that 2NE1’s Sandara Park A.K.A Dara.

The photos taken for the magazine is rather not quite like the Dara you nor I have ever seen. Although Sandara is known for having one of the more notorious and sketch hair styles in the KMusic industry, for this issue we see different side of Dara.

Bob hair cut, [check]. Captivating eye-makeup, [check]. Out-fit that kills, [check]. With animal print from top to bottom, [check]. Pretty cats that that love Dara as much as we do,[check].

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So far CL has given us a drastic change in her out-look and now so does Dara, with an eccentric appearance to her previous looks. Got to love how this concept goes along with her never aging appearance like that of the mythical creatures of the undead.

Did the last line give you a thought?


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