Day 6’s Jae has his theory of BTS ‘RUN’ MV

Find out what DAY 6 Jae has to say about BTS 'RUN' MV and his theory about the MV.

Jae of Day 6 is widely known for being very active in his Instagram and Twitter plus for his long hashtags. He is also known for being very responsive towards fans and hence when fans asked him to check out the MV of BTS ‘RUN’, joining the bandwagon of trying to find the meaning of the MV, Jae came up with his own theory.
It all started when he gave a shout out to his labelmate 15&’s Yerin’s solo debut by posting on his SNS account a picture of Yerin’s album “Frank”.
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Fans were delighted to see Jae actively promoting his fellow artist and his SNS accounts was soon flooded with requests to check out the newly released album of the Bangtan Boys and their music video for their title track “Run”.Fans were in for a surprise, when Jae actually responded to the comments and tweeted after checking out the album. He posted:  “Yo Butterfly’s hook is sick….. guess we are in the age where good music gets the attention. #Kudos #BoysCanSing,” and, “the MV for Run is sick too…. #KNowIknowWhatsGoodWithTheHype.
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He further amused his fans by putting his own spin on the widely discussed theory of the music video stating: “MV depicted the birth of a unicorn.The scene where he put his lollipop in his drink proved this because we all know unicorns like lollipops.”

While replying to one of the tweets on who he actually thought died in the MV, Jae perfectly reflected how the fandom felt after watching the MV: “Everyone watching the MV.”

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What is your theory of the BTS ‘RUN’ MV? Combining the views from their official channel and 1TheK as well, the MV has more than 3 million views since its release.


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