Day6 Gear Up To Make A Comeback This March

Day6 to return to the music scene with five members

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Joining multiple comebacks lined up in the coming days, JYP Entertainment rookie rock boy band Day6 has decided to jump the bandwagon with an announcement of a comeback soon.

Day6 plan to return as a team of five members only since their recent controversy that led to the departure of their member and keyboardist Junhyeok. Their label agency JYP, confirmed the news of their comeback lined up for late March. Not much information has been revealed on their comeback schedule yet other than stating that some final touches are being done.

Day6 is the first rock band that debuted under JYP Entertainment on September 7th 2015 with six members Jae, Dowoon, Sungjin, Wonpil, Junhyeok and Young K. They released their debut mini album ‘The Day’ containing their title track “Congratulations” earning huge accolades from fans across the globe.

Day6 is known for their unique promotional plan where they promoted their music via busking on streets, holding sold out concerts and meeting fans and followers. They are also known for writing their own lyrics and compositions.

On February 27th, it was announced that member Junhyeok parted ways from Day6 citing personal reasons and ended his contract with JYP. Day6 now plan to comeback with five members just six months after debut without filling in the gap of Junhyeok.

Currently, Day6 are also scheduled to tour US and Canada in the coming months. While we wait for their comeback, for all those who still haven’t checked out Day6, take a look at their debut track Congratulations below, and know what expect from this group.

So all ‘Sundays’ out there, are you pumped for a hot comeback this season? We are definitely looking forward to what band has in store for us, are you?

Pic Cr : day6 offcial website


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