Day6 to hold first US Fan Meeting!!

Day6 to hold US fan-meets!!


JYP Entertainment rock band Day6 is set to hold their first ever fan meeting in US.

Looks like New Year has brought cheer to the Day6 US fans as they will be seeing their favorite band very soon. All thanks to the event organizers Jazzy Group US who will be hosting the event in the US. The fan meeting called “<DAY6 FIRST FAN MEETING IN THE US 2016>” will be held on the following dates:

Date: 13th April 2016, Time: 8pm, Venue: Club Nokia, Los Angeles

Date: 15th April 2016, Time: 8pm, Venue: The Warfield, San Francisco

Date: 17th April 2016, Time: 7pm, Venue: House of Blue, Orlando

With the dates being announced, a lot of Day6 fans are looking forward to their first meeting in the US. For all those who are traveling to the US on those dates or plan to meet Day6 in US, check Jazzy Group US official facebook here for detailed information on the fan meeting.

The six member rock band-Day6 were one of the most anticipated debut of the year 2015. Day6 debuted on September 7th, 2015 with their mini album ‘The Day’ with the chart topping single ‘Congratulations.’

Day6 is pretty popular for performing mostly in places where they can directly communicate with fans, like busking, radio shows, stage performances and concerts. With their unique marketing approach, Day6 garnered for themselves a huge fan base not just in the homeland but also worldwide.

Even with the lack of broadcast activities on music shows, Day6 boys managed to sell out their first Korean concert in five minutes flat. Their recent tour to Thailand was also a sold out concert.

So how many of you are excited to meet Day6 in US??


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