Day6 Members Deactivate Individual SNS Accounts!

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JYP’s rookie boy group Day6 are, currently, busy preparing for their first comeback with ‘Daydream’ on March 30th.

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Day6 despite being a few months old, have had their share of limelight since their debut, from being JYP’s first rock band, with members playing their own instruments, to writing and composing their own songs. The band was even swept up in a controversy last month, resulting in member Junhyeok’s withdrawal from the group. And amidst the preparations of their new album release, now all the members of Day6 have shut off their individual SNS accounts! The members who were earlier very active on their Twitter and Instagram, have now deactivated their respective accounts.

Fans will definitely miss the individual updates from the DAY6 members especially Jae who was exceptionally popular among the fans for his long hashtags on twitter, his funny tweets and his answers to fans requests and weird questions.

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However all hope is not lost as fans can still be in touch with them on their official Day6 Twitter account and their newly opened Instagram account.

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Former member Junhyeok is still available on his old Instagram account but it is now on private mode ever since his departure.

According to fans, in the previous controversy that the band was a part of, the social networking sites contributed greatly and thus they assume that present members are maybe not allowed to use personal SNS anymore and that this is a part of the boys being disciplined before their comeback.

What are your thoughts on the members deactivating their personal accounts? Is this JYP’s way of protecting his idols or do you think this is taking things too far?



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