Day6, Park Jimin and More at Baek A Yeon’s Concert

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Baek A Yeon, known for being in the top 3 during K-pop Star Season 1, will be holding her 2nd concert ‘Sogon Sogon – The 2nd story’ from July 22-24.

The JYP artist released her self composed songs Shouldn’t Have, So-So and Something To Say in May 2016. The songs were well-appreciated and remained on the top of several music charts until June 2016. Recently, Baek A Yeon issued an invitation video for her 2nd concert, which will be held from July 22nd to 24th at the KT&G SangSang Art Hall.

Looks like a lot of JYP artists are coming out to support their longtime company-mate. Young K and Jae from Day6 will be performing on 22nd night along with Baek A Yeon, for her song ‘Shouldn’t Have’. Jimin Park and Bernard Park will be sharing their beautiful voices for the stages on July 23rd.

Take a look at this invitation video by Jae from Day6 and Park Jimin!


Baek A Yeon has delivered some exhilarating and visually pleasing stages in the past and we can’t wait for a new set of live videos from her 2nd concert. Are you prepared?


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