Day6 Release MV To ‘Letting Go’ + To Promote on Music Broadcasts

Day6 return with release of their music video to 'Letting Go' for their second mini album "Daydream"

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The now five members of Day6 have marked their return to the music scene!!

After teasing ‘Sundays’ with release of a comeback teaser for their new song including swoon-worthy individual teasers captivating fans all over, Day6 have finally released the music video to their title track “Letting Go.” The music of the title track in itself is quite strong and the scenes and visuals showcased adds to the overall vibe of the track. In addition, members Young K and Wonpil also participated in writing the lyrics and composing the track. Take a look at the below music video and see for yourself what we meant.

There has been a buzz in the fandom that the latest song is perfectly titled considering the recent turmoil the boys have been through with (ex-member) Junhyeok’s sudden departure from the group. There have been multiple theories about the MV from the fans all over the web. What is your take?

The second mini album “Daydream” will showcases Day6’s overall growth as artists. It will feature six songs with a combination of various genres of music including pop, rock, hip-hop and electronic. Moreover members have also participated in writing lyrics and producing all the songs on the upcoming mini-album.

Day6 who are otherwise known for their unique promotional plan via live performances and busking on streets for fans, will now begin promoting on music broadcasts. As per an agency insider from JYP, “Day6 shall soon begin promoting through music broadcasts which is a more familiar mode of approaching the public.”

The fans have been welcoming the news hoping to see the rookie rock band perform live via music broadcasts. Day6’s first performance on music broadcast shall be through Mnet’s ‘MCountdown’ on March 31st.

While Day6 have now released the music video to the “Letting Go,” they will release their second mini album, “DAY DREAM” both online and offline on midnight of March 30th.


As promised, Day6 greeted fans via a live rehearsal on March 29th via Naver’s V-app channel for their comeback second mini album’s title track “Letting Go.” Also don’t forget the boys have promised to reveal their dorms if they reach 100K followers on their V-app channel which is currently at 40k plus followers.


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