DAY6 Releases MV Teaser for Their Comeback, ‘Letting Go’


JYP Entertainment’s KPOP Band, Day6 swooned their fans, Sundays, with the teasers for their comeback titled ‘Daydream’ and now, they have released the MV teaser for their song, ‘Letting Go’.

The song according to the fans have been aptly titled since this is their first comeback after member Junhyeok’s sudden departure from the band.  The video opens to strong music and in the video you can see how the keyboard position which was earlier played by Junhyeok, has been left empty.

Fans are thus creating theories on how this song can be about that. JYP Entertainment has however not release any information on the song as this teaser was also suddenly released.


DAY6 will be releasing their comeback album both online and offline on the midnight of March 30th. Are you excited about the comeback?


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