DAY6 Surprises Fans by Announcing Junhyeok’s Departure from the Group

Junhyeok leaves DAY6!


Some sad news was delivered to DAY6 fans!

JYP Entertainment has announced that Junhyeok of DAY6 will be leaving the group and withdrawing his contract with the entertainment label.

On February 27th, JYP Entertainment announced in DAY6’s official fan page that keyboardist Junhyeok will be leaving the group due to some personal reasons. JYP Entertainment also released a statement confirming that Junhyeok would be withdrawing from the group and the agency for some personal reasons not stated. With Junhyeok going choosing a different path from the one he had followed till now with DAY6, JYP also wished that fans would give him love and support for his decision and keep supporting the rest of DAY6 who are reportedly working hard on a new album.

This has come as a huge shock for fans as DAY6 is still a young group who debuted just last year. With their successful debut, the group is well on its way to become known artists due to their different image and musical talents.

Since the announcement, fans have been flooding the SNS accounts of the members of DAY6 with words of support.

DAY6 debuted in September 2015 with their debut track “Congratulations”. Different from other groups, DAY6 promoted as a band and refrained themselves from appearing in music shows while performing in local pubs and streets.

We wish Junhyeok all the best for his future!


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