Day6’s Second Mini Album “Daydream” Is Out!

Day6 release 'Daydream' as their first comeback mini album after Junhyeok's departure

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Day6’s second mini album ‘Daydream’ is out for grabs!!

Joining the line up of hot K-pop comebacks this season, JYP Entertainment’s rookie rock boy band Day6 have released their second mini album ‘Daydream’ (after Junhyeok’s departure) via online and offline portals on midnight of March 30th. Daydream marks their first comeback as a rock band since their debut mini album “The Day” released last September. The album is available to stream via Melon and Olleh online.

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The mini album contains six songs in total including the tracks –  First Time, Blood, Letting Go (title track), Sing Me, I Wish and Hunt. All the members have participated in songwriting and Young K acts as the album’s producer. Talking about the songs, member Young K said, “Blood is based on a Korean idiom about – fighting until you see blood,” describing the song Blood. He also said “It’s meant for people who are having a rough time to sing with it,” describing the song Sing Me. Member Wonpil mentioned, “First Time is about letting go of your previous love and moving on.”

The album is already getting a hot response from the fans worldwide, while rocking on the charts since it release. It debuted on Melon at the 55th spot and is currently at the 3rd spot (at the time of writing), continuously rising. Day6 are even trending at no.10 on Daum in real time.

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Meanwhile fellow label mates GOT7 members Mark and Junior have joined in to support Day6’s new album via their official instagram and twitter accounts respectively. Labelmates TWICE have also supported the Day6 members via their official instagram.

After teasing fans for quite sometime Day6 released the music video to their title track  “Letting Go” on March 29th drawing a positive response. The second mini album “Daydream” showcases Day6’s overall growth as artists. It features songs with a combination of various genres of music including pop, rock, hip-hop and electronic.

The members are also bound to start promoting the album on music broadcasts, with the first one slated to be on March 31st via Mnet’s MCountdown.

Day6’s comeback was one of the most anticipated comebacks this season and must we say we are loving it. We are definitely grooving to their tracks now, are you?

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