[DEBUT] AleXa Debuts Big With “Bomb”


Yes! Yes! Yes! AleXa made her debut and she drops it like a “Bomb.”

AleXa the gearing solo artist and the very well known star of our hearts made her debut with her first single album Bomb, on October 21, at 8:30 am IST. As a participant of Mnet’s Produce 48 and the winner of Soompi’s “Rising Stars,” AleXa has been a sensation from the start. Being the first artist to debut under ZB Label, the 22 year old artist has already gathered the fortune of being people’s favourite.

The Single

The single “Bomb” is a bombastic track hitting hard with various heavy instrumentals. With a fusion of both electro-pop and Afrobeat style, the feature track pleasures our senses with dominance. The track opens up with a husky intro preparing us for the upcoming intense beat. The high-sounding spirit and confident aura felt throughout the song wasn’t a surprise from an artist like AleXa and no one can deny enjoying it to the fullest. In addition to the catchy chorus and addictive syncs, AleXa being the writer of her own song shares the importance of being oneself while showcasing her bold and vibrant colours. The lyrics sing “If you were looking for a girlish attitude, you’ve got the wrong address,” breaking all the stereotypes built upon the industry.

The Music Video

Zanybros known for their exemplary production skills have once again proved what they are capable of. From the rusty industrial setting to the glowing neon lights setup, makes sure to keep us busy. Despite the rich background settings, AleXa as a human cyborg scores huge by holding us in place with her stellar looks and attitude. The concept of the apocalypse used in the music video reminded me the days of the Resident Evil series. As a born performer, the artist never disappoints us when it comes to the choreography. The energetic and intricate dance moves in coordination with the dancers does keep us captive. As a cherry to the top, the honorable mention of the desi k-pop fans by projecting the word “संसार” (meaning “World” in Sanskrit) on the billboard during the initial beginning of the music video kept the entire community dumbstruck and emotional.

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Here are few messages to AleXa from our desi fans:

“Hey AleXa, I’ve heard about you from my friends who are huge fans of you, and i saw this video, because I was excited like they were, and WHOA. Simply WHOAAA! This was indeed bomb!! You ma’am, have done a simply amazing job of a debut, and we’re so proud of you for standing out from the crowd! Kudos to all the efforts you’ve put in this! All the very best for more to come! We love you and we support you!!”Bhavini, Tamil Nadu.

“I love that Alexa had such a badass concept for her debut, which really goes with her personality. Her voice and dancing were absolutely on point! I’ve been a fan of her since before her debut and I’m so glad she finally got the debut she deserves!”Mrithika, Chennai.

“Of course!! AleXa is just what KPOP needs today to grow beyond the current standards. Im really thrilled with the mix of afrobeats, pentatonic sounds from several cultures and the way it just makes you want to stomp it out. Bravo to Zany Bros and their all foreign women team from a mix of 6 countries in pulling this off as well as AleXa’s unique talent and determination. Bravo!!”Keiko, founder of Namas-K.

On the whole, we couldn’t be more proud of watching our girl make it big on the screens. And, the single definitely had it all. With such a promising beginning, no wonder we are all excited to see is to come in the future.

Bomb comes out with two versions of the single in both English and Korean along with the instrumental piece.  Do make sure to check it out!

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