“Descendants Of The Sun” Takes The Editing World With Storm!

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“Descendants of The Sun” is a drama which has become household name for all K-drama fans. This drama has stirred the whole entertainment industry in a whole new level. Everyone is either affected by the “DOTS Syndrome” or already dead seeing the wonderful (swoon worthy if I may add) acting of the cast. In case, you are still unaware of what “DOTS Syndrome”, the picture below will describe it for you!

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(Cr: To the owner)

This is what the drama is suppose to do to the public. But interestingly this also started an editing trend. Yes! This started with an innocent edit by a fan of Kwangsoo with his best friend Song Joong Ki. But little did the fan know, the edits became viral within few hours and it resulted in giving birth to the new sensation of editing their favorite idols on the drama posters. Almost every fandom has edited their beloved idols on the drama poster.

Now hold you breath as we bring you the compilation of all the edits that we came across for this drama!

KWANGSOO version (since it is the “original” in the trend it is first in our list!):

Got7 version:

BTS version:

EXO version:

Super Junior version:

MonstaX version:

Cnblue version:

iKON version:

Winner version:

GD version:

To add cherry on the top of all these version is FT.Island’s Hongki’s Instagram update! Even Hongki could not stay away from the “DOTS Syndrome”.

Kpop India {kpop-india}“Descendants Of The Sun” Takes The Editing World With Storm!hogki ig

Did you enjoy all the “versions” of Descendants Of The Sun? Do let us us know your favorite version!


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