“Descendants of the Sun” will conclude as scheduled without extensions

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KBS 2 TV’s popular Wednesday-Thursday drama “Descendants of the Sun”¬†will conclude its airing on April 14th as planned with out any possible extensions despite of its growing popularity both in national and international level.

As per the news released by the local media outlet, the KBS drama bureau chief¬†Jung Sung-hyo¬†mentioned regarding series extensions of the popular drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’, Jung said that they have decided to stick with the original plan of ending it on 16th episode without any series extension, and are hoping to conclude the drama within the planned time frame.

He added that its impossible to air more episodes then initially planned, as the series was fully filmed before it started to air. Additionally he also confirmed the airing time of the upcoming drama ‘Master: God of noodles’which will take over the time slot of ‘Descendants of Sun’ from April 20th 2016.

Currently the drama aired 8 episodes and recorded 28.8% viewership rating.

The drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ which started airing from February 24th has gained immense popularity since then, to the point where the local fans created online community demanding for series extension.

To those who aren’t watching, its not too late to jump onto the the bandwagon to watch the drama that everyone is raving about! Happy watching!


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