Details Of EXID Last Comeback As A Group Revealed + Hani & Junghwa To Leave On Expiration Of Contract!

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Girl group EXID has reveal the time table for their comeback!.

The upcoming comeback will be the last and final comeback for EXID as a full group under Banana Culture Entertainment following the announcement of Hani and Junghwa’s decision not to renew their contracts.

The comeback is scheduled for 2019.05.15 at 6 PM (KST). A tracklist, photo teasers, spoiler video, highlight medley, and MV teaser start rolling out on May 4.

Previously, Banana Culture Entertainment released an official statement regarding the contract renewals of EXID members.

“Hello, this is Banana Culture Entertainment. We notify you of our official statement regarding EXID’s contract renewal.

Members Solji, LE, and Hyerin have chosen to renew their contracts with our label with a background in their loyalty with us, while Hani and Junghwa have chosen to seek out new agencies in order to pursue their individual goals as of the end May 2019, after a lengthy discussion with our side.

The three members who have chosen to renew with our company plan to focus on their individual promotions for the time being. Solji and LE each boast notable talents in their vocals, rap skills, and producing abilities, and so they plan to prepare activities as solo artists; Hyerin is thinking of various broadcast promotions as well as music activities to enhance her charming and multifaceted image.

EXID is a group not only meaningful to our company, but also to the fans; we are well aware of this, and so we do not intend to consider the group’s disbandment. The members also do not believe that this is disbandment, but an opportunity to face new beginnings; they are also considering ways to continue promoting as a group again in the future.

We plan to put forth our best efforts as the bridge toward Solji, LE, and Hyerin’s successful and secure solo promotions, and we will not withhold any support so that the three members can continue to greet the public through numerous activities.

We are also deeply thankful toward Hani and Junghwa, who have chosen to depart with our company, and even though our contract relationship will end here, we will continue to sincerely cheer on Hani and Junghwa’s futures. 

We ask for your abundant cheers and support toward the five members of EXID, currently awaiting their new beginnings. Thank you.”

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