DJ Soda releases “Hot Line Bling” Drake remix & Music Video


DJ SODA (Real name SoHee Hwang) is currently one of the Hottest DJs in the club scene across the globe. DJ Soda who gained fame in a very short period of time with her mixing skills combine with her beauty and hot dance, has been a professional open format DJ for 5+ years. Since her official debut in 2014, she has gone from underground DJ to K-Pop Star status. Her first world tour consisted of more than 11 countries and 23 cities. She is ranked within the top 70 highest followed K-Pop Stars.

DJ Soda has recently spent her time focusing on producing her debut album consisting of remixes, music videos, and original tracks. Earlier today, she officially released her first remix & music video of the chart hitting single “Hot Line Bling” by Drake.

This is her first track which she produced and it features Simo, a producer who has worked with the likes of Gary, Dynamic Duo, Iron, DOK2, and BTS.

After Soda’s successful Asia Tour last October, she announced through her official Instagram that she will be focusing on her album. This announcement entralled many artists and fans alike. With 8Bulls representing Soda, they are collaboratively seeking to expand the future of DJ K-Pop stars.

Through this first release, Soda’s direction as a musician and entertainer will become clear to all fans. She has also announced that after the first release, there will be follow up tracks and remixes so stay in tuned.

You can check out more of DJ Soda’s music on her official links



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