Doojoon Addresses Fans Regarding B2ST’s Future Plans!


B2ST‘s leader Doojoon recently took to his Instagram to update fans of the group’s situation following the news that they would be starting anew under their own independent label, Around US Entertainment, after having refused to renew their contract with CUBE Entertainment.

“You’ve waited so long, right!! There was a lot of talk here and there, but until we were certain, we wanted to be careful! We’re very sorry for making you wait! But now, this is really a new beginning!! It may be a more rigorous and treacherous road ahead of us than we’ve dealt with before, but we’ll take the lead and guide you along, so don’t worry about a thing and follow us! And when we pause for a bit because the going is hard, push us forward from behind! It won’t be easy, but everyone, let’s win it!! Have a good day, watch out for colds, and we’ll see you soon!!!!!!”

Rest assured, fans will always support B2ST, no matter what label they are under in!


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