Drama Review: Beautiful Mind

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Let’s begin this party be asking – who here loves a good psychological drama? Definitely, Me.

Although its been a while since this drama has snagged it’s air time, it’s still not too late to talk about it. The thing is, I’ve been on the fence about this drama. As a psychology student myself, I hold a huge grudge against those writers in the K-Drama world that do not do justice to a mental illness. Because a mental illness, shouldn’t ever be romanticized and a K-Drama shouldn’t ever be devoid of romance.

It’s a tough life.

But now that I’m writing about it, let me say it loud and clear – THIS. IS. GOOD.

Beautiful Mind has a huge reputation to overcome (going against the popular Hollywood film of the same name ‘A beautiful Mind‘ from 2001). But the drama holds its own spot in the K-Drama world with a plot written by Kim Tae Hee (known for Sungkyunkwan Scandal). The story revolves around a brilliant doctor diagnosed with Antisocial disorder who goes through bizarre situations, and finds a slow and steady road towards his emotions.

Lee Young Oh (played by Jang Hyuk) is a talented neurosurgeon who is more right than he is wrong, and that’s probably because he is logical. Diagnosed with Antisocial disorder at a young age, he learns to see the world as a series of bodily changes to depict emotions. He doesn’t let his apathy affect his curiosity to understand and ‘fix’ people. I find the character of Young Oh quite interesting and its deliverance, even more. I’ve seen Jang Hyuk in ‘Fated to Love You‘ last, and he is quite good with characters that come off as jerks. But apathy, isn’t always an easy emotion to pull off and Jang Hyuk manages to master it.

The reason why psychological dramas are so few and far in between in the drama world, is because they are very draining on the cast. Even with ‘Kill Me Heal Me’, the cast had repeatedly reported how challenging some of the scenes were, because of the emotions of the characters. Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam (who plays Office Gye Jin Sung) manage to pull it off so elegantly, it doesn’t feel like anything is amiss at all.

With a face so innocent, I never doubted Park So Dam’s ability to play the character of a police officer that shocks Young Oh’s life and career. Jin Sung takes up the responsibility of making Young Oh feel, and this is where the romance comes in.

If you’re one to usually suffer from Second Lead syndrome, this drama should be watched with a cup of caution. Yoon Hyun Min plays Dr. Hyun Suk Joo who is a cardio-thoracic surgeon and also Officer Gye Jin Sung’s first love. As far as second lead’s go, Hyun Min makes a pretty good first impression. He’s cute. He is a doctor. He knows the female lead loves him. It’s impossible to think of him as just the second-lead when you so desperately want him to end up with Jin Sung.

The story is a well written mask of subtle plot hints and twisted character ties. I love how the drama is quite patient with its explanation of how the characters are inter-linked. For the cast, I would definitely call it one of my favorite ensembles. Not because the actors/actresses are all famous and known in this sphere, but because they deliver.

The OST for the drama, that has been released so far, consists of ‘Dirt’ by Bernard Park. It’s a smooth song that begins as a guitar accompanied ballad and ends its chorus with the backing of bass and drums – a brilliant finish to a brilliant song. Check it out!

All in all, this drama is something you need to watch to understand completely. If you’ve had enough of the typical romantic comedies and need something unpredictable; If you’re looking to learn more about the medical world but do not want to watch a medical drama; if you want to see a twisted trope of the bad guy being cured by a good girl–

Watch, Beautiful Mind!


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