Elementary school teacher dancing to G-Friend goes viral +performs with G-friend in Star King

Elementary Teacher Wins Hearts Everywhere!


A new video was going viral very recently and it is a funny but yet an amazing cover of G-Friend’s hit single “Me Gustas Tu”.One thing that makes this video adorably funny and fascinating is that the dance was performed by elementary students accompanied by their male teacher.

Adorning pigtails the teacher flawlessly dances to the energetic dance routine of G-Friend and even outshines his students with his cute charms and powerful dance moves.

With the video going viral and gaining a lot of views and attention, the teacher and his students were invited to Star King where they got to meet the original dancers of the song, G-Friend on the December 22nd broadcast of the show. Joo Shin Seok appeared in the show still adorning his pigtails and showed off his dance moves. He got a chance to perform with G-Friend and danced in place of Yerin surprising everyone how easily he fit into the group and how effortlessly he pulled off the routine.

Having dreamt of being a rapper, Joo Shin Seok has been singing and dancing for the past 8 years in order to get closer to his students as a teacher. Joo Shin Seok has been receiving a lot of love for his talent and love for his students.

Check out his collaboration with G-Friend below.



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