Eli Finally Breaks His Silence on His Secret Marriage + Pleads Fans to Let Him Continue in U-Kiss

Eli Breaks His Silence



Eli of U-Kiss dropped a huge bomb on Kiss-Me’s  all over the world when he announced  about his secret marriage and soon-to-be father status on his Instagram post. What followed was pure chaos as the Instagram post was deleted, reposted and again deleted. With members Soohyun and Kevin speaking in support of Eli’s marriage through Twitter.

After posting on his instagram and then deleting it , Eli has finally came out and broke the silence on why he kept his marriage silent for nearly a year.

In his twitter post, Eli confesses on keeping the marriage secret with his girlfriend of five years because of his idol status and in concern of his family-like group members. Wanting to come clean many times, Eli failed to announce his wedding publicly, and admits he felt guilty about not being able to even attend the hospital with his wife when they got to know about the pregnancy, leading to the public announcement in his Instagram post.

Eli also revealed a picture from the beautiful couple’s wedding shoot in Europe and wished for fans to understand him while expressing his wish to keep performing as U-Kiss’ Eli and asking everyone’s blessings for his new family.


Kiss Me’s all over the world are supporting and congratulating the couple through SNS ever since the news broke out.

Congratulations to the couple and the baby on the way! We wish them a bright and beautiful future.


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