SM Entertainment To Take Action Against the Indian Artists Accused of Plagiarizing EXO!


SM Entertainment recently gave their official statement about the Telugu-language Indian film “Kannayya” that blatantly plagiarized EXO‘s songs for their OSTs.

It must be pointed out that Indian KPop fans were the first to notice and report to the media that the tracks “Dhamki Marr” and “Baby Kanipinchav” used for ‘Kannayya’ sound the same as EXO’s mega hits “Growl” and “Baby Don’t Cry” respectively. Fans all around the world were enraged and implored the agency to take action.

On February 17, a rep of SM Entertainment spoke up about the issue and stated—

The controversial songs by the Indian artist are clearly plagiarized. We’re planning to take action after discussion with the composer and the publisher.”

You can read more about the situation here. What do you think of this issue? Will this incident negatively affect the relationship between Indian KPop fans and the rest of the world?

Stay tuned for updates.


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