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When numerous rookie groups made their ways into the industry, this team of eleven had its own strata and procedure to hit big from the very beginning. The new rookie boy group of 2019, X1 is indeed our topic for this month’s Desi K-poppers Iyagi discussion. The eleven-member group is formed under Swing Entertainment through a famous survival program, PRODUCE X 101. Seungwoo from VICTON, Seungyoun from UNIQ, Wooseok from UP10TION, Yohan, Hangyul, Junho, Dongpyo,  Minhee, Eunsang, Hyeongjun and Dohyon, the group is a clan of the fittest among the 101 participants.

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The famous Korean show brings in various artists and trainees together and chooses the best of the best to be part of a project group. With great attention and overwhelming popularity, the show has captured a solid place in every k-popper’s life. Irrespective of their places, fans from across the world pile in their votes for their favourite trainee or idol. The new concept arose to heights with the former boy group Wanna One and following the same successful footsteps, we have X1 now gleaming in the stardom from 2019. Bounded in a contract for 5 years, the act has its own charm and bond to proceed as a successful gang.  The act of eleven released their first mini-album, QUANTUM LEAP marking their debut on August 27, with massive power and style. By banging and conquering various charts including the Billboard, X1 gained the attention of non-produce watchers as well, making them a phenomenon in the K-World.

Somehow the unlimited tweets and promotions weren’t that enough to pull in much of Desi crowd when comparing to other acts and projects. But still, the X1 wave has managed to hit the few shores of India is quite a number, like a hand full of Wannables, Produce fans and One Its decided to support these boys for the long run.

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We, Destination K-pop India got in contact with such supports and discussed the show, the process, the formation, the new album and finally their connection with the eleven individuals.

Our discussion began with a question, “X1 is raising as a phenomenon with their first album, QUANTUM LEAP. While getting more attention from the natives, they can’t quite popularize with our Desi K-poppers. 

Why? What do you exactly feel about PRODUCE X 101 and the chosen eleven? Are you fully satisfied with the line-up and believe that they will make it huge?”

Aishwarya from Mumbai initiated our conversation with few lines from her side. “Produce x 101 has always had a lot of controversies but still the groups they produce have always made history. The lineup for X1 is amazing. Maybe, it is because all my picks have made up to the lineup.  All the members are talented and deserve to become one of the best groups…”

Susmitha later adds up to the point with more valid points to weigh the concept saying, “Produce series has always been an exciting journey. Seeing people from different backgrounds, different companies, who have been practising for years with one dream to debut is always exciting and motivating. This season was most dear to me and I got attached to every contestant. The lineup that was formed in the final episode was one of the best lineups ever. X1 has a diverse variety of skills, visuals and every member is talented. This is a group where the main vocal is also the main rapper. The lineup consists of great talents, versatile members and every member is charming in their own way. X1 will be a name that would be forever remembered in K-pop history and it’s never late to stan them.”

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While we were hovering around the whole concept of PRODUCE 101, Shruti Guna joined our conversation and gave us an entire summary of the show. Her explanation greatly helped us, the non-watchers of PRODUCE X 101 also understand the process and happenings. She began explaining her honest opinions and thoughts, “This was my first PRODUCE X 101  (but I kind of knew what happened previous seasons) this season is kinda special as it was a whole new implementation of rules (10+1) 10 who would be in the top 10 and the 1 that is X member would be the ones with the highest number of votes from the first episode. As people say that PRODUCE is rigged, we can kinda find that in here as the editing was not done right at certain places causing doubts to come up. This year a runway show was conducted to showcase the participants and my God participants captured the fans heart on the very first day!! This season was special because some familiar faces like Wooseok, Seungyeon, Byungie etc participated in earning people’s sympathy. But their hard work did pay off in the end!! The voting periods were really short this time making people select immediately and without knowing their talent. Like this, SO MANY talented participants were eliminated in the 1st and 2nd round of voting. There was a huge twist in the finals, people thought KIM MINKYU would make it but he did not as he had the highest votes from episode one. Even though this was a rollercoaster ride, we found beautiful friendships budding inside like Haenami (jinwoo) and Junhyuk, Seungwoo and Dongpyo, also the friendship of gold hand (Hwang Geum), who made it till the finals but did not make it through sadly. Our centre Kim Yohan, a genuine and sweet person capturing everyone’s heart, he is also called the directors favourite showcased all his talents effectively! Dongpyo was the most pressured one as he was selected as the centre and there is a jinx that all PRODUCE X 101 centres would debut and he had to meet people’s expectations and stuff but the baby boy made it! Seungyoun who started gaining attention after “Love shot” and “Move,” captured people’s heart and earned the name “an all-rounder”. No one kind of expected Lee Eunsang to debut, but he did and all were glad! Bnm boy gonna take care of starship babies!  The makeup activity and especially the ghost one! Was the best as it showed how the trainees were free at that time without worries and that’s what we want right? PRODUCE X 101 was a rollercoaster ride and got so many accusations but in the end, they are all working hard for their precious one it’s and let’s cherish them for the next five years!!”

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After successfully talking about the whole formation and procedure, we decided to go forward by talking about the group’s career and their inevitable work, the album QUANTUM LEAP. The very name of the album excites our members and they get involved in describing their fond towards the EP. While the conversation was going on, we also had a phase where we were conditioned to talk about the ongoing issues and allegations on the selection and on but little did our One Its consider about it. They were so sure to support their members through thick and thin by placing the controversies aside.

Susmita began her thoughts on the put forth question, “Can you talk about your personal experience with X1 and your views on their latest album? And do you believe that the group is much stronger against to overcome the rising cases?”

She says,It does affect the group. I mean for fans it doesn’t affect, but we still support them limiting the opportunities for the boys. The boys, who were eliminated, are found getting more endorsements and that does make me happy. The effect might be on the members of X1 for now but I can’t say how long it will be. 

Coming to their debut album Quantum Leap, it is one of the best debut albums that were released this year. “Flash” was really like a fresh breathe. It was so dreamy catchy and the performance was awesome too. “Like always” is a bubbly song that is like a mouth freshener after having a heavy Biryani. “I am here for you” is a song for fans that is very soothing and meaningful. Intro “stand up” makes you feel their boyish charms and wanting for the full-length version of it.  “X1-MA”, “Move”, “U GOT IT” produced x 101 songs and were added into the album with X1’s voices. Basically all the songs are great and the album was well produced. I bought the album and its quality was great too.” 

With the notion of tasting the Biryani, Shruti added up her thoughts on the issues and the album, “Its only the international fans who are getting tensed about the situation the k fans are really calm about the situation. It is indeed true that vote manipulation may cause some problems but their agencies announced that there will be no change in the lineup even when the original votes releases. Police have raided starship and other companies to check on the vote manipulation but the situation is really calm in South Korea.”

“Their new album Quantum leap really leapt all the charts and they’re doing so well!! They mesmerized people with their music and are capturing the hearts of the new fans too!

All of their songs are great and touching!”

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Talking about the participants liking for the album and group lightened our heats while finally ending up the conversation. Above all, it is true that every matter is a two-sided coin with both positives and negatives, and that goes very well with the rookie group. Despite the odds, watching the chosen eleven making wonders and banging achievements does make both One Its and K-poppers happy. With high believes the little desi gang of One Its are sure to group up as a huge crowd supporting their activities through the run. With much more good ones awaiting in the future, let’s send our wishes to the deserving act.

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