[Review] Eric Nam Promises To Be “Good For You”



Eric Nam is back ……but with a fizzle and not with a bang?Untitled

On March 23rd 2016, the 27 year old Korean-American singer and television host made his comeback with his new mini-album called “Interview”. With Good For You, a song Eric co-wrote and co-composed as the title track, the album has an airy feel to it and is absolutely worth your time.
The song is essentially about Eric Nam trying to convince his significant other that he’s good for her. It sounds like a good jazz song and with Eric’s amazing vocals it plays itself out very smoothly. The song is easy on the ears and sounds like something you might hear in a coffee shop.


As someone who thoroughly enjoys music videos with story lines that makes it more meaningful, Good For You was such a pleasant surprise. It revolves around Eric and a couple who seem to have gone through a bad breakup.


Eric plays the role of the smooth Radio Jockey whose songs brings comfort to people. He is also spotted in random places with a piano and hipster clothes. Talking of hipster, that seems to be a vital theme throughout the video. With a slight sepia filter and Coffee shop boys who still listen to the radio on boomboxes, the video definitely has a hipster feel to it.


Our girl, a ballerina, is looking for a job while the guy just seems like he’s trying to get his life together. The video starts on a low note as the girl hurts herself while practicing and the boys spills coffee during work but by the end of the video the mood is lifted as the girl passes the first phase of screening.

UntitlemdEric Nam, arguably, is one of the most underrated singers of the K-pop industry. With such a vibrant personality as a television host its rather sad that who he is as musical artist is still pretty much ambiguous. This song is cool, comforting and nice. But it is just that. It lacks edge and fails to standout. The chorus is catchy and before you know it you will find yourself singing along to it but the Eric we have seen and loved on After School Club is missing here. Maybe I just want another Ooh Ooh, but well a little wishful thinking can’t hurt.

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