Eric Nam unfolds himself in this week’s “Happy Together”

Eric Nam unfolds himself in this week's "Happy Together"


The guests for the December 3rd broadcast of “Happy Together” are the celebrities who are extremely loved by the Korean masses for their unique American personality and style namely Stephanie Lee, John Park, Eric Nam, Yoon Sang and Lee Hyun Woo.

In the episode, Eric Nam reveals about his past in the United States, shows off his marvelous skills by speaking in Korean, English, Spanish and Chinese and talks about his image as a singer and reporter.

He astonished the audience by saying “In high school, I became the first ever Asian student to be voted student body Vice President“. He continued “When I became a junior and senior, my American friends started to acknowledge me”.

Eric Nam also talked about the time he was employed in America. He left the audiences open-mouthed by saying “My initial salary was about 100 million Won“.

As we know, Eric Nam rose to fandom after MBC discovered his cover of “2NE1 – lonely” on Youtube. Subsequently he became a part of the talent search show “Birth of a Great Star” and released his debut album “Cloud 9” as a solo artist under B2M Entertainment.

Eric Nam had also worked as a reporter for MBC’s ‘Section TV’, where he conducted interviews for many Hollywood stars such as Amanda Seyfried, Miranda Kerr and Barbara Palvin. Eric Nam is more famous as a reporter than a singer after Jamie Foxx praised him as a “truly talented young man” on his instagram account.

When he was asked to shed his thoughts on this, he said “I was sad and disappointed for a time.  I came here because I wanted to sing, but I only was a reporter for one year.  At first, I extremely hated [reporting] and did not want to do it, but after trying it out, I also gained a lot from it, so now I think of it with gratitude”.


Watch the entire episode of “Happy Together” to know more about Eric Nam!


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