Eric and Seo Hyun Jin Confirmed For The New tvN Drama!

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Earlier it is was reported that¬†Shinhwa’s Eric has been approached for the next tvN drama. Eric’s representatives confirmed that he has accepted the offered role in “Oh Hae Young Again”. Along with Eric, Choi Kang Hee was also offered to play a significant role in the drama. But she gave it a pass and the role was offered to Seo Hyun Jin who readily accepted it.

This drama is about two women with the same name, Oh Hae Young. Both the ladies share the same name, same school but different fates. Seo Hyun Jin is set to play the role of the less popular Oh Hae Young, who suffers the continuous comparison with the other pretty Oh Hae Young during high school days. which left a huge mark on her personality.

Both the Oh Hae Young ends up in the same job in catering business. But here also the comparison does not stop. Oh Hae Young played by Seo Hyun Jin is tired of her assistant manager position for years now and whereas the other Oh Hae Young is fairing well. Both their lives entangled with each other when a huge identity mistake takes place.

In this equation, Eric plays the role of a man who suddenly gains the ability to see the future. He is a perfect man with a perfect job as the top sound director in the film industry. He is interested in everything but women. In series of events, he gets associated with both the women and he desperately tries to disentangle himself from the mess.

This drama surely promises us mysterious romance and appropriate dose of hilarious content.¬†Seo Hyun Jin was last seen in 2015 drama “Let’s Eat 2”. This drama marks the return of Eric after an year and half. He was last seen in the drama “Discover of love”. No wonder fans are rejoicing his decision to act in this drama. It will be interesting to see what this drama stores for us. Till now it has not been revealed that which actress will play the other Oh Hae Young.

Oh Hae Young Again will be Monday-Tuesday drama acquiring the spot of Pied Piper in May.

Are you ready for this drama?


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