[Event] IN2IT First Tour In India!!


We are to experience our very own tour as IN2IT announces concert dates in India.

IN2IT was formed in 2017 as octet from the Mnet’s survival program called “Boys24”. The act is labeled under MMO and Stone Entertainment. Debuted with the single “Amazing”, the group received greater attention.

With two members existing during the run, the seven piece act now consists of InpyoJiahnYeontaeInhoHyunukIsaac, and Sunghyun. IN2IT has already snatched the hearts of many Indian IN4Us with their vibrant singles like “Snapshot” and “Sorry for my English”. Now, the act is ready to grab the attention of a wider crowd.

On April 6, the official twitter page of IN2IT revealed the concert dates for their up-coming tour in India. The organizers Namas-K joining hands with Korean Tourism Organisation made the event possible. The huge response among both National and International IN2Us brings high expectations for the event.

Check out their MVs below

IN2IT (인투잇) – Sorry For My English MV

IN2IT (인투잇) – SnapShot MV

Are you excited to IN2IT in your country?


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