[Exclusive Interview] DEMIAN on Debut, his Latest Single & Future Projects

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“How to end my love, you say,” questions the singer in his latest single, “Karma,” making it irresistible for the fans to fall in love.

Sweet, serene, humble and aesthetic are a few adjectives the fans state while talking about their favourite idol, DEMIAN. Within four months since debut and two singles, the 26-year-old artist is already a heart throbber among his fans. Contradictory to the usual K-Pop trainees and idol system, DEMIAN got to debut as an exclusive artist under Sony Music Korea. The new initiative was indeed a hit on the bull’s eye as the modern song writer-singer is already the holder of two classy singles surpassing a million engagements on platforms like YouTube and Spotify.

The very name DEMIAN has its charm as the name descends from the Greek word “Demi” meaning “God,” as the artist himself wants to be addressed as “King Demian” whenever possible. The posh visuals and a gleaming crown, the singer already is.

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From Sony Music Korea

The debut single “Cassette” was a mega-hit for the singer, making him debut in the Spotify K-Pop Daebak chart along with other popular acts. Following the triumph release, the second single, “Karma” wasn’t aiming any lesser. The singer got to beat a million views within a week which is indeed one of the surreal happenings for both the artist and his fans. Adding up to the earworm songs, DEMIAN as a person is very much adored by the fans, as he always makes sure to recognize their love and dedication. By reposting the fans’ posts and scheduling regular lives on Instagram, the Idol keeps his followers updated on his routine of juggling between his professional and student life. 

Following the release of “Karma,” Destination K-Pop India got a chance to connect with DEMIAN, as he shared his experience preparing for “Karma,” his quarantine lifestyle and much more! 

1. What was your inspiration to be an artist? When did you come to know you wanted to do music as a career and how was the journey going from then?

I started making music after turning 21, just for fun. Then I gradually came to believe that people would like my songs. Despite the fact that almost everything changed including my musical style, my love for music grew immensely after putting so much time and I promised myself that I would never quit making music without having outcomes in any means. I spent a long period of time working solo, which was an endless cycle of self-hatred and hope. Now I know how to be not affected by such feelings. There were a few times when I used to walk around all bossy after making good songs, but they ended up sounding really bad the next day.

2. What is your definition for music?

Something that is completed by listeners.

3. What inspires you while making and writing music?

Concentration based on guiltiness for not being productive all day.

4. “Cassette” showed us a pure and serene side of DEMIAN when “KARMA” sounds bolder. Is there a reason behind this change?

It’s because they have different topics. They both are about after break-ups indeed, but they talk about course of actions.

5. As portrayed in “KARMA” have you been feeling more confident and bold as an artist these days?

Not necessarily. I still have a lot of self-concerns. I hope I can reach the stage of my career where my confidence will be limitless. I believe that having such concerns will eventually help me show my growth as an artist through music.

6. Making the first comeback is equally important as making a debut. How were you feeling during the preparation?

I was feeling anxious initially. I didn’t want to go back to reality after ‘Cassette’ was beloved much more than expected. I prayed that listeners wouldn’t be surprised by the fact that it was different from ‘Cassette’. However, towards the end of the song-writing process, I felt so confident about it that I wanted to release it as soon as possible.

7. What was in your mind while penning down the lyrics for “KARMA”?

KARMA is eternal. Right after a break-up, it actually feels like the pain will last forever. Through ‘KARMA’, I depicted someone who has lost oneself through such a painful time that is caused by his or her own wrongdoing.

8. How was shooting “KARMA” different from “Cassette”?

Everything was different. First of all, the level of concept awareness was totally different and I was able to stare at the camera. Moreover, one of the dancers at the shoot taught me how to use my body more effectively, which helped me get rid of all the unnecessary body movements. I tried to maintain the excitement throughout every scene as the whole mood of the video shoot changes while monitoring the scenes myself.

9. What kind of message would you like your fans to take home?

That it is just fine to leave things as they are – whether it is an emotion or a fact. It feels like carelessly looking for answers carelessly would rather generate more lies.

10.  Your fans started recognizing you gradually day by day and most of them were by word of mouth. How did it feel to be recognized as an artist?

To be honest, it doesn’t feel real since I haven’t had a chance to see and interact with my fans in person. I’m not even sure how it’s spreading out so fast. Is there some kind of online community that I am not aware of? Either way, I’m looking at it as a fan’s perspective as well. It even felt like I was replacing sick DEMIAN when I was shooting YouTube live contents a couple of days ago. Am I really DEMIAN? It’s funny how I still doubt it sometimes.

11.  Because of your image, song’s genre and music videos portrayals, the moment we spell out “DEMIAN” we get reminded of a quiet, shy and introverted person. Are you really that kind of a person in real life?

I think so. I realized that when I found myself a little monotonous in the monitor while I thought I was making the most exciting face expressions possible. I guess I stayed in my room for way too long and my maximum level of excitement would be just about other people’s average. But I’m a happy person. I’m a very joyful person, in my opinion.

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From Sony Music Korea

12.  Who are the artists you are recently fond of? Are there any idols you would like to work with in future?

When I watched Doja Cat’s “Say So” music video, it made me smile as everything, including colours and effects, reminded me of one of my dreams. Also, as a huge admirer of EXO Kai’s dance lines, I think it will be dope to do some kind of visual collaboration with him.

13.  How are your quarantine days going? What do you miss doing and what are the new things you got to learn or tried doing this time?

There aren’t many differences for me since I stay in my room most of the time anyway. However, I’ve been craving for a trip recently. I’m not sure if it’s actually craving for a trip or if I just want to have a peaceful state of mind. Either way, I’m focusing on finishing my last semester of college as I don’t have a crazy schedule lined up due to various reasons. I never knew it was this difficult to focus on my studies, considering it has nothing to do with my actual career.

14.  It is easy for people to get disappointed during these times. How do you keep yourself motivated?

I don’t necessarily have to find certain ways to motivate myself as I already have so many things that motivate me. It’s easy to lose track of time when I stay in my studio all day long. When that happens, I try to go outside to see the sunlight and just move around more – sort of “carrot and stick” approach.

15.  What are your plans for this year so far? Are there any new projects coming up?

A new single will be released in the near future! I think releasing as many singles as possible will be my main focus for a while. When there are more people who listen to my music, I would love to release a full-length album as well. But for now, my plans for this year are to finish college and release as many singles as possible.

16. Have you heard about India before and are you aware of your fans here in India?

My Indian fans sent pictures of their orange palms together. How would I not be aware of them? Even my parents absolutely loved what they sent.

17. Is there a possibility to see DEMIAN in India any sooner?

There isn’t a plan to visit India yet but I really hope to meet the fans in India as soon as possible. When things don’t go as planned, we may feel distressed and anxious but I hope we can look back to this period of time as something more than just sad and gloomy since we were still able to share love and attention with each other. I hope everyone can stay healthy as the chances of us meeting will only exist as long as we are healthy.

Few words to our readers, encouraging them during this tough time.

Thank you so much for showing love to me and my music! Like I said, I hope everyone can maintain healthiness during this hard period of time, because we won’t be able to see each other if we are not healthy. I will see you guys again soon with a new single. Thank you and love you! J

Here are a few heartfelt messages from DEMIAN’s fans from India.

“Starting music from scrap at the age of 22 it more difficult than it sounds yet Demian never gave up and finally his talent got recognition. He inspires me every day that it is never too late to start following your passion. He is the most humble and kind person I have seen in Kpop and his music is not something that will excite your heart rather it calms it down and you feel greater joy and peace. I hope more people listen to his music and get to know about him because not only his music is great and unique but also he shows his fans what he is with all his failures and insecurities and yet you will truly feel how beautiful person he is. Indeed he is KING DEMIAN. I am proud to be his fan.”  – Stuti, Ghaziabad

“You are like a hidden gem.💎 Your voice gives me goosebumps. You have high potential, and you should embrace it. You have such a booming and soulful voice and I always sailed through it… Keep going like this Demian, We all are with you always… Love you in orange.”Shagun, Faridabad

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From Sony Music Korea

“I have been into Korean music for quite some time now. As an international fan, it has always been a struggle for me. But with Demian, I don’t feel that distance, even though it’s a lot of work still he tries to provide things in English for us. Not only has he provided us with wonderful music, I genuinely feel that he is a humble person. And that makes me feel his sincerity and love for us and his music. I believe he can truly achieve everything. Our King Demian. 🧡”Nahar, Guwahati

“I think DEMIAN’S music is really tasteful and the lyrics truly express common human emotions and feelings. His ability to connect with his fanbase and audience lyrically together with his calming voice is what makes his music unique and I believe this will take him far in his career”  – Clarissa, Goa

“Unlike many of us, music was not the first thing that attracted me towards Demian neither was his looks… I’ll be honest( that’s a rare case lemme tell you) but it was his humbleness and the innocence that really lasted an impact on me👼 I wish him all the happiness and success in his life… He is a hardworking guy and I am sure he’ll make us proud… Love you in oranges Demian!;)”Shilpa, Sonipat

On behalf of Destination K-Pop India, we thank DEMIAN and Sony Music Korea for the opportunity and time they have invested in answering our questions. We wish the singer all success and blessings from our side. Hope we get to meet you in India soon!

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