[Exclusive Interview] P1Harmony: The Chosen Six to Stand Out and Harmonize


“Wee woo! Wee woo! Ring up the alarm. P1Harmony is here!”

It’s been hardly two months since P1Harmony blared the siren and established themselves as the peacemakers of the earth, and are already the talk of the town. 

The second boy group under FNC Entertainment began their journey on October 28 with their mini-album, DISHARMONY: STAND OUT and has never slowed down since then. Surprisingly, the debut strategy of P1Harmony was quite different from the usual ones this year –  the members had the opportunity to make a big-screen debut as actors with P1H: A New World on October 8, featuring cameos of some of FNC’s notable actors. The Sci-fi film puts forth an apocalyptic era on earth due to a mysterious virus injected by drones. The members, Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob from different dimensions past, present and future, are called together to save the human race from extinction.

Despite being the youngest in the industry and debuting amidst the pandemic era, the sextet has been setting new standards with its incisive thinking and determined path. Abiding to Alexander Graham Bell’s saying, “Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work in hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus”, the members have found their ways to stay wholesome and determined with their activities, regardless of nature’s restrictions.

Following the debut promotions, the group is extending its scope by engaging its fans with diverse content inclusive of their recent DAZED Magazine project and online fan meet. Last week, Destination K-Pop India had an opportunity to catch up with the exuberant gang of six via a Skype call to reminisce and discuss their debut journey. 

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Setting aside the time zone differences and packed-up schedules, the members were bustling with energy as soon as we got connected. With huge welcoming smiles, the leader, Keeho, initiated the conversation by introducing themselves. Regardless of the numerous interviews they had, the members expressed their eagerness in sharing their heartfelt answers as if it was their first time. Initially, I felt that four weeks of promotions would be too long, but in reality, it was so quick”, answers Jongsseob with an innocent smile. The rookies, who are seemingly professionals in anything they do, continue to aspire to learn through the process, Most of the things we experienced after debut were new, so I feel like we are growing up every single day. I am really excited to show people our potential one by one.” Jiung adds. Debuting during the pandemic was indeed hard on the members as they are still anticipating for the day to perform before their fans, but somehow, the act tries its best to stay connected and make the best of their opportunities – as Keeho beautifully states, “I knew it was not going to be an easy job. But, because we have so much fun performing, doing interviews, meeting new people and experiencing new things, that kind of hardship I was expecting was actually covered up by all good experiences.” 

The act shares their experience as actors with excitement while mentioning some of the preparations they had to do before filming. Theo opens up for the first time, “I watched a lot of action videos on YouTube to learn the expressions, followed by Jongseob’s response, “I personally watched the movie, Tunnel and a few other clips to make sure I capture the emotions for a particular scene I had in the movie.” Keeho immediately advances to say, “We can’t get too much into details as you haven’t watched the movie yet. I don’t want to ruin it for you so wait for a little more”, making the members give a sly smile to each other.

Being portrayed as heroes, the group advocates and inspires their fans to stand out from the crowd. The members also have their personal role models to whom they look up to as an example. Keeho credits his mom who influenced him in standing out as an individual when Jongseob acknowledges his dad, an artist himself, for professionally helping him whenever he needs guidance in making a decision. “My role model is Michael Jackson. He has influenced pop culture a lot and stayed as a legend. One day, I would like to be such an influence in the industry, Intak declares his admiration for the King of Pop. “I admire all our senior artists in the industry. Being an idol myself, I can relate myself to the difficulties of being an artist. And, I value everyone’s work”, Theo adds when all the members sincerely agree, nodding. 

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The members’ answers signify their different charms, and so do the songs in their album. From expressing their rage in “SIREN”, to boasting about their confidence in “That’s it”, to chilling in “Nemonade” to encouraging people to never give up in “Butterfly”, the group already have a song for each emotion. When the members were asked to choose a track from their album that represents each member, the maknae line, Soul and Jongseob proclaimed to be as active as “That’s It” while Jiung and Intak found themselves passion-driven and empowered just like the lyrics of “Breakthrough”. The song also seems to have the “Animation Spirit” as Jiung fondly puts it. The eldest pair, Keeho and Theo go with the cheerful energy of “Nemonade.” “I would probably choose “Nemonade” and “Butterfly” ‘cause I can be very bright and emotional at times,” Theo states. “Butterfly” also distinctively stands out as a heartwarming track, comforting every listener. “One more time, I do my best to spread my wings”, sings the lyrics, insisting the importance of trying one more time. “I participated in a competition and I didn’t make it for the first time. But, I decided to give it one more try and joined the next season of the same competition and made it as one of the finalists”, Jongseob comments with a sense of satisfaction. “For me, it is not something I have accomplished. But, if given one more chance or an opportunity, I would like to apply for high school again”, Jiung imparts.

The members are quite insightful and clear in their answers and attitude but still manage to remain joyous kids at heart. The entire room bubbles with enthusiasm and laughter as they discuss their favourite superheroes. “I love Doctor Strange”, declares Jongseob, spreading his arms in the air as an imitation of his favourite superhero. “Ah, I love Doctor Strange”, seconds Theo in excitement. “I love Power Rangers,” Jiung confesses shyly,  carefully checking if someone judged him. “I love Power Rangers too. I used to be the blue ranger”, Keeho spills his tea. “I also love Power Puff Girls. I never actually admitted it but I lowkey enjoyed watching the show”, he continues, and the members burst into laughter. Within seconds, the group gets too excited upon discussing their favourite shows and instantly jumps hearing to ‘Ben 10’ being mentioned in our conversation. The members instantly pretend to have an Omnitrix (a gadget that helps Ben transform into aliens in the show) and start imitating Ben Tennyson’s transformation into aliens. It is indeed amazing to see that the bunch of millennials who grew up watching superheroes are now superheroes themselves, delivering the world from catastrophe. 

The members aren’t just distinct artists but professionals in production for their recent project with the DAZED Magazine. “It is our first time taking in charge of all the things from beginning to the end and it is actually a great experience as we get to establish P1Harmony’s colours and what we would like to show our fans”, Theo expresses, and Soul continues, Being able to collaborate with such a renowned magazine and being able to experiment new things is such a good experience.” Known only for his love for Potatoes, Soul also has a passion for fashion, In the beginning, I wasn’t able to understand all the fashion terms and wasn’t sure what the members wanted, but after some lessons, I was able to get my ideas together. What I really enjoyed was the sewing.” Apart from designing their own costumes, the members also work in all sectors as all-rounders, making fans anticipate even more for their upcoming projects. “There were a lot of things that were really new and we had the chance to make decisions and bring out the actual colour of P1Harmony. We are super excited for this project,” Jiung and Intak reply with pride.

The group’s optimism is definitely their biggest strength, and Keeho mentions that it is the group’s passion that keeps them all going. “Whenever we speak about our music, choreography or any other projects as a team, we are always passionate about it and we give respect to each member’s opinions and ideas, which helps us stay happy, satisfied and optimistic,” Intak explains. The most attractive trait apart from their positivity is their geniality, and the members make sure to express their real sides and stay loyal to their feelings. “We are naturally down to earth, very honest and chill with our opinions, that is what makes us who we are”, remarks Keeho and we can’t agree any less.

When the group is asked about their plans for 2021, they don’t think twice before exclaiming, “Rookies of the Year” in unison. still not knowing the fact that they are already the rookies of their fans’ hearts. “We also would love to do more music, release bop songs and meet our fans. We would really want to meet our fans in India too”, assures Keeho. “We are sending a lot of love to our fans and I hope they have a great year ahead and do what they really love. We love you, guys!” concludes Jiung. 

Staying true to their tagline “Plus Everything”, the group is a combination of intellects,  passionate performers, witty thinkers, genuine hearts and a bundle of innocence. And with reference to Patrick Suskind’s words, “Talent means nothing, while experience, acquired in humility and with hard work, means everything,” we are sure to see P1Harmony score high and accomplish all their goals. The sextet is gearing with their new venture with DAZED Magazine and is to have their online fan meeting, [P1uspace H : Get Together] in January, so make sure to keep an eye on them!

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On behalf of Team Destination K-Pop, I would like to thank P1Harmony and its team for making this interview possible. Sending you lots of love from India! Hoping to see you soon!

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