[EXCLUSIVE] Interview With The Klovers’ Prince, Kevin Woo

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“Age is just a number when it comes to Kevin Woo,” says a Klover, when the other literally screams “KEVIN WOOO,” splitting my eardrums. Definitely! I don’t complain, as this is how much we Indian Klovers love our angelic Kevin Woo, one of the actual Peter Pan of K-Industry.

Kevin Woo, the rising solo artist made his debut with the boy band, U-KISS and later swept all our hearts with his genuine presence as host in Arirang’s After School Club. The American-South Korean singer pacing his career for more than a decade started venturing a new phase of life with his Solo career for almost a year presenting us with some beautiful tracks as “Freedom,” “Ride Along” and more. With much experience and dreams loaded in his baggage, the K-star sat with us for an interview over the phone to share his thoughts and ideas on various topics.

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As a college student, I was more than super hyped and honoured to have my first interview with Kevin Woo, as he spread only the positive and honest happiness for being able to connect with the Desi Klovers for the first time. With a brief intro we started our interview with a discussion on music and for new listeners to his music, he says, “I would always describe my music as positive with uplifting messages. They are more like dance tracks, Rock Ballad, catchy which can make the listeners sing along.” Being the writer and composer of his own, Kevin does have his own explanation for music; “Music connects people together and does not need a particular language to spread its message.”

Moving forth with a question on what genres he would like to try in the future, he reveals his recent interest in R&B and deep concepts, which gives a hint in his new single “Fallen,” in collaboration with James Lee. The electro-ballad single showcases the duo’s mellow lyrics on lost love. From the peppy dance track “Ride Along” to the soothing “Fallen,” we get to see various colours of Kevin Woo and he sums it up as a wholesome experience by saying, “Through my solo career I have learned a lot of experiences by hosting concerts in America and Japan. Meeting fans as a solo artist and enjoying the concerts with them is one of the best parts,” with thank you notes in between to his supporters whenever possible. Being an inspiring artist to various other idols and us, Kevin expressed his love for Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars. By calling them his Role Models, he describes their music to be catchy and enjoyable, which has always been his inspiration. As one among the experienced artists in line, Kevin not only looks up to people but also has some hand full of advice for the up-coming stars. With sincere wishes, he stated the traits like being themselves and standing out from the usual concepts will help them do well as K-pop idols.

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Kevin Woo and James Lee

Being tossed with heavy schedules, the busy celebrity can be seen flying back and forth to Japan, America and recently Thailand, exploring and discovering his Klovers from various lands. Even under such tied up appointments, Kevin kept a bright smile and always updated his followers on his activities. When asked what the actual reason behind his energy was, he instantly answers, “Taking rest is important during journey and travel. Listening to music also makes me feel relaxed,” he further added the necessity of time with friends and family when not working. In spite of taking all the measures beforehand, it is true that certain dull times can never be avoided. One such time the former group member feels is his departure from U-KISS and he feels happy that he was able to make through it because of his supportive and ever encouraging fans a.k.a Klovers. It is indeed the fans, who were the cherries on the top during his next to next tours. With such joy and compassion, the Klovers’ fav star described how inspiring he felt being with them during the concerts and high-touch meetings. The actual surreal moment of his life is always crowned to be his concert in San Francisco (his hometown) till now.

When speaking of tours and fan meetings, I couldn’t contain myself from asking whether India stays somewhere in his touring list, “Yes, I love India,” is the solid statement I heard from the other side. With such an unexpected answer, I wanted a further explanation and his answer startled me. “I love the passion of Indian fans. Indian food, bright colours and Bollywood movies are amazing. I have seen many Indian fans commenting to come to India and that really makes me happy.” Adding up to his words, I started repeating, “Yes, yes you definitely should visit us.”

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Kevin Woo

Moving on to the last and pretty interesting section, we discussed a few questions on Kevin Woo as a person more than an artist. We spoke as K-poppers when he revealed his latest playlist including artists like Seventeen, MONSTA X, GOT7, BTS, BLACK PINK, ITZY and many more. Knowing that his hobbies time has a huge space for Netflix series, I asked him his favourites. The sci-fi lover getting excited again shared his favouritism for the specific genre and called his favourite show like Stranger Things and some Korean shows as well. Continuing with the fun conversation, the most asked question, “What would you be doing right now if you were not a K-Pop star?” popped in and with no second thoughts, Kevin happily answered, “I will definitely be in some profession related to music. I love music, so I would either be a music producer or a trainer training young idols.”

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Kevin Woo

Our long conversation finally found its end as I went out of my prepared questions. With such fulfilment and thankfulness, my final request was a note to our Desi Klovers. With a humble tone he started, “Thank you so much for supporting me. And, if you don’t know me, you can listen to my songs. They are cheerful and can help you in ways. I would really love to visit India soon. Hope we meet soon.”

To make the interview session even more special for the Indian fans, Kevin Woo learned “I Love You” in Hindi and sent his love to all his beloved fans repeating, “Main  Tumse Pyaar Karata Hoon.” Trust me; we were way too blessed that day.

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Kevin Woo at Thailand KCON

By exchanging wishes from both sides we ended our session with a happy note. Speaking to Kevin Woo was indeed a pleasure and his calm and polite way of responding kept this newbie comfortable throughout the time. I couldn’t be more thankful enough to him and his crew, who made this interview to take place.

On behalf of the team, I thank Kevin Woo and his team for giving us this opportunity. Special thanks to Kevin Woo for spending his valuable time and responding to every question with sincere answers. Let us hope to meet our Klover prince soon in India!

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