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With few more days to ring the bell for her debut, AleXa is the walking pride of our desi fans. The unbelievable aura, exuberant k-pop covers, bubbling energy, heart-warming personality are few inevitable traits that pop up in our minds when we hear her name echo in the crowd.

The yet to debut Idol is already a star as she dreams of traveling in her luxury yacht selling out stadiums in ten years.

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We, Destination K-pop India had an opportunity to let her fans know more from AleXa’s stage routine to her secrets behind her ever unbeatable stage performances.

How does it feel to be back in India?

Being back in India is like a dream come true; it’s always nice to get away from home for a bit, and accompanying that with the privilege and honor of getting to perform, it’s something I’m beyond grateful for.

Now you’re back in India, is there anything you want to try which you missed out the last time?

I’m a sucker for food, so literally ANY kind of food I have not tried before. I am more than willing to try it.

What is the best part of returning to India?

The best part of returning to India is definitely seeing the fans. India has given me a whole different kind of experience that I have yet to have thus far as a to-debut trainee. It’s always such a touching moment to see the fans’ faces.

Alexa as a performer is known for setting the stage on fire. How and where do the fire and passion come from?

First off, thank you, I’m grateful to have that kind of reputation. I will not lie to you, the fire stems from my nerves. Whatever performance anxiety or fears I have prior to going on stage kind of accumulates into one big ball of energy that just explodes. Even though I’ve been singing and dancing from a young age, I still suffer from stage fright.

Are there any routines you do before any stage performance?

Before performances, I’ll do some breathing exercises to calm my heart down. Sometimes I’ll recite some old chants from my high school dance team, or I’ll just sit in absolute silence. The latter only happens if I’m BEYOND nervous.

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With few more steps ahead of your debut, how do you want to see yourself as an idol?

As an idol, I would like to present myself as someone that people can look up to. I don’t want to be just a stage image, I want to carry myself through my performances and shine a light for those who need guidance.

What kind of music do you want to make?

As every artist will say, I want to make music that’s uniquely “me”, right? I want to write about things that I deem necessary as a message to others or things that can inspire others.

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Are there any artists you want to do a collaboration with?

Like everybody else, collaboration with Billie Eilish would be an absolute dream comes true. I resonate a lot with her music, and although she’s so young, the subject matter she writes about is so mature and dark. In terms of a fellow Korean artist, well, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to hone in on my rap skills, so anyone from Jessi to Flowsik would be an ideal collaboration!!

How do your parents and friends from home react to the Alexa of 2019?

My family and friends are my number one support system. They’re my pillar of strength through my journey, and I’m so incredibly grateful for their constant love and support. I’m truly blessed to have such amazing people behind me all the way back home in the South.

Ten years from now, where do you see yourself?

Ten years from now I see myself on my luxury yacht, sipping Cabernet from a Swarovski Crystal glass, overlooking the horizon as the sun begins to set. Actually, scratch that, I see myself as a best-selling artist on tour, selling out stadiums with a few awards under my belt.

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Alexa is looked upon as one of the most confident women. From when and how?

While AleXa may seem like a confidence bomb, Alex herself is not necessarily so. I’ve struggled with self-confidence from a young age, and I’m sure may young adults can agree. I’ve overcome much of my struggle, but there are still remnants of insecurities that remain. However, for the sake of being AleXa, I kind of sit my insecurities down in the corner and say “Howdy amigos, y’all are gonna leave me alone for the next however long performance is, okay?”

What was the hardest time in your life and how did you overcome it?

Mm, the hardest time in my life would definitely be my graduation from high school. I can guarantee you that many young adults can relate when I say that I had no idea what my future held. I was scared, incredibly fearful of what was to come. It was a very stressful time for me. I had no clear vision as to what my aspirations were, nor did I have a clear concept of who I was as a person. Life seemed to become a bleak monotonous cycle for me, after graduation. I was very lost. However, all in good faith, and in reliance on my family and friends’ never-ending love, I finally found myself.

Any advice to the fans to stay as confident as you?

I’ve never met someone who radiates confidence 24/7, so it’s okay if you don’t, either. No one expects perfection 24/7, and none of us ARE perfect, so.

On behalf of Destination K-pop and the team, we send our regards to Namas-K and ZB LABEL for making this interview happen. Special thanks to our VIP of the interview, AleXa for beautifully gracing our questions with confident and encouraging answers.


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