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EXID’s Hani Challenges Fellow Member Solji on “Duet Song Festival”!

EXID’s Hani took part in MBC‘s “Duet Song Festival” on December 16, performing “Cheap Coffee” by Jang Kiha & The Faces. Her partner was Chae Changwook. While the singer stunned the audience with her spectacular performance, she also issued an impromptu challenge to fellow member Solji!

Hani said, “My fellow member Solji has appeared on this program before. [So] I wanted to try it as well.

She then jokingly declared, “I have to beat Solji,” inciting laughter from the audience.

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Although the singer’s choice of song was unexpected, she pulled it off amazingly with her husky voice. The duo’s unique ad-libs further enhanced the mood of the song, and they received a total of 369 audience votes.

Make sure to watch Hani’s performance on the next airing of “Duet Song Festival”!

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