EXO Announces Comeback In June

The EXO boys are returning this summer with a full length album


Attention all EXO-L’s!!! EXO has finally announced their much awaited comeback this year.

Its been raining comebacks this year, and could you expect EXO to be far behind? The answer is NO. EXO has been reportedly preparing for a summer concert this year, and are slated to return with a full length studio album in June. Voila!!

Yes, they are returning and will hit the fans soon with their third full length album. There had also been previous mentions of a comeback by leader Suho via a phone-call on popular variety show Weekly idol and also by EXO members this year at their concerts. An industry insider stated, “EXO has been diligently preparing for a concert around mid to end of July this year. However, it is not fully confirmed.” Looks like EXO-L’s wait is going to end sometime soon.

It has been a year and three months since the SM Entertainment band EXO released their album EXODUS last March. Their last production was their winter special album Sing For You released in December 2015, with double title tracks “Sing For You” and “Unfair”.

The news of EXO’s comeback has already set the fandom ablaze with excitement. Though not much information is released the members have been working meticulously to bring out a new album for their fans despite their busy schedules.

Currently the members are busy with their individual activities and holding a fan meeting in Japan.

Finally it’s time for EXO-L’s to rejoice. We are super pumped for their comeback too or must we say just like Sehun says it, YEHET!!


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