Exo Chanyeol In Talks For New MBC Drama

Kpop India

Exo Chanyeol has been courted for new upcoming MBC drama ‘Gaia.’

Chanyeol’s agency, SM Entertainment, gave positive nod to the news. It has been revealed that the role has been offered to Chanyeol and he is considering it in positive light. Along with Chanyeol the offers are out to Girls Generation idol Yuri and Kang Haneul.

Gaia is a story of a popular rock idol with a cold and a prickly personality and an ordinary girl. Their life gets entangled with each other when they get stranded on a deserted island after their plane crash land. Chanyeol is set to play the Seo Si Young. He is the cousin of the lead and also a fellow group member in the band.

This is a collaboration project between Korea and China. Also, SM C&C will be producing the drama. This drama will mark Chanyeol’s second drama in the Kdrama world. Earlier he played the role of the lead in the web drama “Exo Next Door” with his fellow bandmates. Chanyeol has become a rising name in the industry in the idol-actor category. Meanwhile, his Chinese movie, “So I Married An Anti fan”, is set to hit the screen on June 30.

Gaia will air as a Monday-Tuesday drama on MBC after Monster wraps its run.


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