EXO To Comeback This Summer?

EXO might comeback sooner than you expected!

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EXO-Ls might have something to look forward to this summer! Leader Suho of EXO revealed the boys might comeback soon!

Super Junior’s Heechul, who joined Weekly Idol as the new MC was asked to invite labelmate and popular idol group EXO to the show. When asked to call his friends, Heechul first called member Chanyeol, but unfortunately, the call could not be connected. Since the shooting was early in the morning, the MCs were worried that the idos might still be asleep. Then calling the leader Suho next, Heechul received congratulations from the EXO leader and asked him about their comeback plans.

The leader obliged the fans and MCs with, “It’ll most likely take place this summer.” About their visit to the popular show Suho promised that they will definitely appear on the show after making a comeback.

kpop india

You can watch the whole weekly idol episode here (Sadly, the subbed version is not out yet. Video courtesy – Youtube) :


EXO’s last production was their winter special album Sing For You in December, 2015, with double title tracks “Sing For You” and “Unfair”. With Sing For You the group broke several records and also became the first Korean artist to be featured on the Apple Music homepage. After which the boys were busy with their individual activities and concerts.

Were you waiting for this comeback?



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