EXO-L’s blast rookie group “Road Boyz” for blocking EXO’s stage in inkigayo

EXO-L's Blast Road Boyz


Rookie group “Road Boyz” have found themselves in the center of a controversy receiving a lot of hate from EXO-L’s all over.

In the December 20th broadcast of Inkigayo, EXO were nominated for the first position along with Zico and Psy. While the nominee’s votes were being counted, fans noticed that instead of the EXO boys in the shot, a few members of Road Boyz were also seen and they seemed pretty excited to be on screen while the other EXO members were pushed backwards with Chanyeol being clearly confused where to stand.

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The controversy made news since in music shows if a group is nominated for the first position usually the place is cleared for the nominees to come forward and stand. The rookie group was blasted for their unprofessionalism and also was accused of being rude and disrespectful towards their senior group, EXO.

Since then, Road Boyz’s management company Coconut Entertainment has released a statement officially apologizing for their behaviour.

“Hello. This is Coconut Entertainment.

This is regarding yesterday’s broadcast of ‘Inkigayo’, where the actions of the Road Boyz members on stage of the number one trophy reveal made many people uncomfortable. We sincerely apologize to EXO, who were the main protagonists of that stage and to EXO’s fans who were upset by what they saw.

They are rookies who haven’t even debuted for a month yet, and still have a limited mental horizon and thus showed a lack of consideration. We admit our major fault as an agency for failing to bring attention [to this kind of thing to the members] before the incident. We will make sure that this kind of action, which made a lot of people uncomfortable, does not happen again.

We apologize once again and we will show ourselves in a more mature light. Thank you.”

Road Boys debuted in November 2015 with their single “Poison Girl”.

What do you think about the situation?

Another news also made headlines from the December 20th broadcast of Inkigayo. Psy won 1st place in the broadcast and was congratulated by all the other groups. Later on , all the artists joined in performing his signature move of his hit single “Daddy”. It was an amazing to see all the groups dancing together in an encore stage and it proved Psy’s power and respect in the music industry.



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