EXO releases New Teaser Photos & Double Title Tracks [update]

EXO gears up for their winter comeback


After ‘Miracles in December’, EXO is back with yet another winter album, hence joining the list of artists who are having a winter comeback. EXO released new teaser photos for their upcoming special winter album ‘Sing for You”. Looking devilishly handsome & broody, the members are seen looking somber while snow is gently falling over them.

This special winter album will be having two title tracks. The first song “Sing for You” is described as a pop ballad track with acoustic guitar sound that fits well with the members’ voices and is about confessing to the person you are nervous around but at the same time, you’re in love with.  The second title track “Unfair” however has a trendy and bright melody as compared to the first title track and is a medium tempo pop track. The lyrics for this song is about expressing your feelings to the person you love with a bit of humor.

EXO will be releasing their Winter Special Album “Sing for You” on December 10. 

Their previous winter album ‘Miracles in December’ had received great response like all their other albums so fans are definitely excited. However, the difference between the previous winter album and now, would be the number of members as EXO members Kris, Luhan and Tao have left the group since then. But we can’t wait for the new album and when the wait is going on, lets reminiscence over ‘Miracles in December’, a beautiful song by EXO.




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