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MBC’s new variety show began with their first special guests EXO, on 19th September.

EXO, S.M Entertainment’s global K-Pop group are in the midst of a break after their last comeback with their album E’XACT. After selling out a million copies, breaking their last record with EXODUS, they are back on MBC’s Star Show 360

Rumoured to have guests like VIXX, EXO and I.O.I, the show focuses on getting the fans in-depth and real information about the members – like their everyday behavior and teamwork. The members also receive video messages from other celebrities who know them well, so they can provide a different perspective.

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EXO, as the first guests, shared some hilarious bits of information about each other, bordering on cheeky banter as usual. Actor Jo Jung Suk even sent in a video message to D.O as he said, “He’s a very kind friend. I feel like he would fit the Noir genre well.”

The members even voted on titles such as ‘Funniest member’ which according to Chen, is Baekhyun. Unfortunately, he stated D.O as the most serious member. (Save yourself Chen)

You can check out the first ever concert version of ‘Monster’ here

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