EXO’s Sehun Set To Play Fantasy Character In Upcoming Korea-China Production

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Joining the long list of idol turned actor is our very own Maknae of Exo , Oh Sehun. It has been reported that Sehun has been casted for an upcoming joint Korea-China production movie.

The movie is titled as “Cats Man.” SM Entertainment gave positive nod to the news confirming that Sehun has accepted the offered role. This movie is said to be a fantasy romance between a woman and a man who is half human and half cat. The woman works as an app developer who is working on her new app which would decode cat sounds. Sehun is set to play the role of Yang Geo. Due to a spell, he is stuck in a situation where he is half human. He is described as a mysterious yet charming character who appears cold to everyone but have some hidden special abilities.

Joining Sehun in the movie will be actor Liu De Kai and actress Wu Qian. This movie is to be directed by Park Hee Kon. Korea’s Boston E&M and China’s Croton Media will be producing it.

This marks Sehun’s solo acting debut and we believe this is just going to sky rocket the popularity just like his band mates who have already graced the silver screen. Previously , along with other Exo member he appeared in the web drama “Exo Next Door”. The web drama broke all records and became the most viewed web drama in 2015. Sehun played himself in the drama and he was adored for his natural and adorable acting. Sehun is the 5th member in Exo to enter into big screen after D.O, Chanyeol, Suho and Lay. ExoLs are exhilarated by the news but also worried about his hectic schedule.

The filming is expected to begin in mid March and the probable release will be sometime during the first half of 2017.

Are you ready to see Sehun as “Catman”? Meowwwwwwww….


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