F.T. Island Releases MV Ahead of Japanese Comeback!


F.T. Island is ready to take Japan by storm again with their upcoming comeback! They are returning with a brand new Japanese album set to release on April 6.  The album is titled as ‘N.W.U.’ and this marks as F.T. Island’s 7th Japanese release.

Ahead of the upcoming comeback, F.T. Island released the MV for their title track “You Don’t Know Who I Am.” The MV is exactly their style- funky and attractive.

The tune is very catchy that which will make you groove to their music. This is the perfect gift for the Primadonna ( F.T. Island fandom) who waited for the boys for a long time now.

F.T. Island is a five member group under FNC Entertainment. They debuted in 2007 and were the first band under the company. Ever since, they had numerous Korea and Japan releases, maintaining  popular fanbase in both the countries. But it’s been a while that we saw F.T. Island having a Korean comeback. It is almost an year since “Pray” hit the Korean charts.

We hope to see the boys back with a Korean comeback soon! Meanwhile, enjoy the MV and their Japanese release.


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