Failing health of Suga and V forces BTS to cancel concerts in Japan!!!

BTS Suga and V's ill health cancels Kobe concert!!


BTS agency Big Hit Entertainment released a statement today canceling schedules of the BTS Japan edition ‘HwaYangYeonHwa On Stage’ due to ill health of members Suga and V.

2015 BTS LIVE HwaYangYeonHwa On Stage’ concert scheduled to be held on December 27th and 28th at Kobe’s World Hall, Japan stands cancelled as per the statement released by Big Hit Entertainment. It is said that during rehearsals of the concert members Suga and V complained of dizziness and were immediately rushed to the hospital for checkup.The results of CT scans diagnosed that though nothing seems to be wrong with them, the dizziness was probably due to heavy stage movements.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}Failing health of Suga and V forces BTS to cancel concerts in Japan!!!BTS k
Both the members who desired to stand on the stage to meet the fans, have been strongly advised to take rest on medical grounds. Though both Suga and V are recuperating well, the members shall soon return home and get proper medical attention.

Meanwhile the agency has cancelled the concerts as they did not want to show a lacking stage and asked for the fans understanding.Big Hit also apologized to the fans and the audience stating that they shall minimize the damage by refunding the concert tickets in full measure.

Well, we all know that the Bangtan boys have been busy with the recent promotions of their mini album “HwaYangYeonHwa Part 2”. Being thorough professionals they try not to show any signs of fatigue to the fans even though they are pretty tired from their schedules.

While their agency understands this and gives them time to recuperate, lets wish Suga and V to get well soon and come back on stage stronger than ever.ARMY’s worldwide lets flood them with “Get Well Soon” wishes.You can send your wishes to them on their official twitter here.




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