Fans of TVXQ’s Yunho Makes Huge Donation to ‘Love’s Fruit’

Fans of TVXQ's Jung Yunho donates 2 million Won to charity 'Love's Fruit'


With TVXQ’s U-Know / Yunho currently being in the army, it seems like his fans fully intend to keep the artist’s charitable acts alive.

It was recently revealed that in celebration of his birthday which falls on February 6th, Yunho’s fans have donated 2,000,000 Won (approximately 1675.26 USD) to the charity, ‘Love’s Fruit‘.

The generous deed comes as no surprise as Cassiopeia (TVXQ’s Official fanclub) has been known to perform several charitable acts under the artist’s name. His fans reason that since the artist himself consistently participates in donations and charitable event, as fans they too will continue to pursue good deeds.

So far his fans have made several donations which have been distributed not only in the form of money but also in the form of volunteer work, distribution of rice and other essentials commodities to those in need. It has also been reported that from 2013 onwards, Yunho’s fans have donated around 32,000,000 Won (approximately 26,810.88 USD) which has been distributed via different charities and organizations.

This year’s donation is reportedly being used specifically to aid in the research of rare diseases that are afflicting children in Seoul, South Korea.

We applaud Cassiopeia for their generous deeds and we wish Yunho a very happy birthday!


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