FIESTAR to Make Comeback with “Apple Pie”


The ladies of FIESTAR known for their seductive image seem to be going for a fresh and cheery image for their summer comeback single “Apple Pie” which is set for release on May 31 at 0 AM!

The girls’ Facebook page began teasing fans by unveiling images for the new concept after every hour with each image unveiling one more member. Finally a full group photo of the single’s artwork was unveiled and it features the girls decked out in bright and colorful clothes as they pose cutely for their new single.

Considering that the girls have maintained their sexy image right up to their last music video release “Mirror” from their “A Delicate Sense” mini-album which was just released this March, fans are definitely interested in seing the group tackle a cute and cheery image.

Check out the single’s cover art below!

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}FIESTAR to Make Comeback with “Apple Pie”FIESTAR Apple Pie

Are you looking forward to FIESTAR’s new summer release?


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