FIESTAR Shows Off ‘Mirror’ With MV Teaser!

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FIESTAR’s upcoming mini-album ‘A Delicate Sense’ is continuing with the tease ahead of its release on March 9. After the tracklist for the album was released, a MV teaser has now been released for their title track ‘Mirror’.

Title track ‘Mirror’ expresses the feeling of sadness after a break up. In this 30 second teaser, the girls show off their sensual side with a part of their choreography. Check yourself their sexy concept below:

This new mini-album ‘A Delicate Sense’ has been completed with the members participation, which adds to the anticipation of fans. A total of five songs, ‘A Sip Of Lips’, ‘Mirror’, ‘Mr. Black’, ‘Thirst’, and ‘Back and Forth’ comprise the album.

After ‘Black Label’, which was released in March 2015, this will be FIESTAR’s first comeback as a group. In the meantime, the individual members received a lot of attention and love for their solo activities. Rapper Yezi was extremely popular after her ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ stint and even released a solo album. Vocalist Cao Lu has also grown as an entertainment star.

With sexy outfits, bathtub scene, and a catchy melody in the teaser, FIESTAR has a lot more to offer in their final release!

Are you looking forward for this rising group’s comeback on March 9?




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