Find out the good man in I.O.I’s Sub-unit’s MV ” Whatta Man ( Good Man) “


From 1968, Linda Lyndell’s sample song “What A Man” comes back to live with I.O.I’s new sub unit giving it the fresh new breathe with – Whatta Man (Good Man).

The 7 member girls out of the 11 original members of I.O.I, releasing “Whatta Man ( Good Man”, track composed by Ryan Jhun. The video, would take place as a typical American Diners and of course the cute boy but not so 60’s attire on.

Rock guitar is one of the high-lights of the track and the moves that got their perfectly toned and fit legs the justice for having the cutest short on.

Check the video to find out if I.O.L really does have a good boy or not a Good man who is just not worth their time.


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