Five MVs of KARD You Must Watch


KARD is coming to India and that is the only moment everybody could think and dream of now.

PinkBox Events announced one of the biggest news in the planet and every Hidden around the world know we became the luckiest.

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With much anticipation and excitement it is sure that you are nibbling something everytime you see KARD’s poster announcements. Inspite of all the hectic schedules we have, it is necessary to prepare ourselves to the fullest and witness the historic show in real. Whether a Hidden or a multi-fan, it is our duty to revisit the act’s artful music videos again and learn the best parts to sing and dance along. To help you with the start of the journey, we have brought you five handpicked music videos of KARD with different genre and style for you to watch and enjoy.

“Bomb Bomb”

“Bomb Bomb,” the first song in the list is the latest release of this year. The quartet’s first digital single stays as a personal favourite of every desi fan as the music video dominates with splashes of bright Indian colours. The bombastic track is a perfect EDM pop, being equally rich in audio. The strong beats and bass can convince any listener to sing “Wildin’ all day, Wildin’ all night” with the chorus. With alluring looks, penitentiary gazes and desirable lyrics, the audience are sure to drip like a faucet and be drenched with passion.

“Hola Hola”

By descending the time line, we get “Hola Hola” (meaning “Hi” in Spanish) as their debut single from their first mini album. As a newbie, the act’s excitement and high spirited energy can be felt through the music video. The tropical house track is set in a bright tone with light hearted mellow lyrics of happy love, which goes very well with a summer playlist. The video becomes aesthetically pleasing while capturing the friendly moments of the group, spreading warmth and keep us entertained as they laugh and hangout together.

“You in Me”

KARD is not just eye catching with bright colours but are extremely flawless in the dark, making your heart throb. “You in me” is another tropical house track, which deals with the concept of deepest desire and obsession of a distorted lover. With an excelling catchy chorus and hooks of rap and harmonization, the EDM track is simply unpreventable from creeping into your playlists. As for the video, the dusky shots and dim lights keep the aura intense as the ladies glow being frenzy singing, “You are the only one I love. I can’t let you go,” over charming gentlemen.

“Ride On The Wind”

KARD is not just the conqueror of explosive music genres but can also croon some best semi-melodies too. The summer themed track never fails to pleasure the listeners with its unique and mature blend. The title expresses the delightful feeling of a happy couple, who reach the sky as they fly high. The music video includes various shots in beaches and other tropical areas, giving us such an aesthetic feel while watching the members sway to the rythm as light as air.

“Don’t Recall”

Love or Hate, KARD does them right than any other. Following the love desire tracks, falls in the single “Don’t Recall,” a powerful track from their pre-debut with detest feelings to the other. The explosive EDM track lights on the act’s soaring vocals and husky rap skills. Placed in a sad note, the lyrics still waver from love and hate as they sing “leave me alone” and again confess “I never wanna let you go.” Alike “You in Me,” “Don’t Recall” also carries a dark music video with dim lights but, it is agreed that the murky lights only compliment the members’ polish looks.

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With such amazing music videos suggested, we are sure you would have spent a pleasurable time watching them. Admist KARD’s numerous hits, it was equally hard and fun picking up favourites for the list and hope you enjoyed them too. The list above is just a beginning of the series does not stop here but will continue soon by revealing more of their work.

Which one is your favourite from the above mentioned tracks? Let us know through your comments below. And, don’t forget to follow us and check out our site for more upcoming lists.

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