“FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE”- GOT7 releases teaser videos for “HARD CARRY”


Just as GOT7’s comeback date is nearing, the boy group released teaser videos for their upcoming album “FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE.”

On 23rd September at mid night KST, GOT7 dropped two teaser videos for the title song “HARD CARRY” off their comeback album.

Here are the teaser videos.

The first teaser video begins with all the members amidst what looks like a car accidents site and then the video zooms to a member trapped in a car.
In the second video, you can catch the members showing off a bit of their dance moves and the video end with a focus on Junior who is trapped in water.

Things are getting interesting, aren’t they? And mysterious!

Also, here’s the choreography teaser video for ‘HARD CARRY.’

With the track list, album previews, trailer, teaser photos and videos out, the next on the take list is the album spoiler which will be released on 24th September.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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