FNC Entertainment Discusses ChoA’s Future Activities!


Fans are still in shock about ChoA’s departure from AOA, and they have been worried about the artist’s status within her agency. However, good news has been delivered! ChoA isn’t leaving the industry once and for all!

FNC Entertainment announced that ChoA remained signed to the agency, and that they’ll be discussing AOA’s comeback.

“AOA will not be disbanding after ChoA’s departure. We’re planning on discussing various possibilities as to AOA’s new album and their promotional activities.”

Thy further assured fans that they’ll be seeing more of ChoA in the future.

“ChoA has left AOA only; her contract with FNC Entertainment will remain. We believe there is need for discussion regarding her future activities.”

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What do you think ChoA will be doing in the future? A solo album? Musicals? Dramas? Movies? We shall be supporting the artist in her future endeavors regardless!


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